Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

containment set up in child bedroom

Containment for Child Bedroom

During our mitigation process, contents within the home are usually manipulated and adjusted around in order for the mitigation process to be handled as efficiently as possible. Here we see our technicians, who went the extra mile and set containment for a child's bedroom, in order to preserve all items from any debris or dirt. 

technician in white suit, disinfecting residential staircase

Residential Certified SERVPRO Clean

SERVPRO of Lancaster performing residential disinfection and sanitation cleaning. Our technicians are always ready to safeguard the most important places and help keep families safe. 

SERVPRO of Lancaster

Shelves stacked with green SERVPRO equipment

SERVPRO Equipment Storage

SERVPRO of Lancaster East is fully stocked and ready to go with highly efficient and state of the art equipment, capable of handling any size disaster, any time, and anywhere. 

Crew member in servicing truck offering business card

Crew Technicians Ready To Help

Here at SERVPRO of Lancaster East, we are always striving to be your next, best, and last Clean up and Restoration Company. Whenever you need us, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Man pointing at regional map

Interim Crew Chief Kyle Carlson Reviewing Regional Map

Owner and Interim Crew Chief Kyle Carlson, is reviewing the regional map within the office. This is important to understand the areas being serviced and covered by SERVPRO of Lancaster East. 

Two men reviewing content on latop.

Owners: Kyle Carlson (left) & David Garibay Assessing upcoming job.

Kyle and David are working on the logistics of a new job. Assessing the preliminary inspection completed by the Crew Chief and Technician. Reviewing what needs to be completed before the team goes out.