Photo Gallery

blue tape on walls

Moisture Mapping Procedure

In any event, that deals with water loss or damage our initial inspections provide moisture mapping. This assists the mitigation process in pinpointing the affected materials and areas within the loss prior to any work being performed.

water extraction

Water Extraction from Bedroom Carpet

Homeowners experienced a water loss in their master bathroom toilet line, this leaked into the entrance of the master bedroom carpet. Technician on-scene extracting water with SERVPRO water extraction equipment. 

fire damaged door frame

Door Frame Fire Damage

This fire spread down to the lower levels of the room, causing damage to the door frame and surrounding areas. This photo was taken during a walk-through after the property manager called us the same day this occurred. 

soot and smoke damage

Severe Soot and Smoke Damage

This residential home experienced a severe loss within an adjacent room that spread to nearby walls and areas. In the image, we see the thick collection of soot and smoke damage along the walls. 

walls and ceiling damaged from water

Venue Restroom - Water Damage

The venue experienced a water line break within the walls of a restroom, causing water damage to the drywall and ceiling, including water that poured down to the surrounding area. Ultimately this venue had to postpone or cancel the pre-booked events until the mitigation and restoration could be completed as soon as possible.

hospital hallway

Local Health Care Facility - Roof Water Damage

A local community healthcare facility experienced water damage after heavy rainfall. Our technicians arrived on the scene within the hour and began their mitigation process. This is a photo from an initial inspection. 

containment set up in child bedroom

Containment for Child Bedroom

During our mitigation process, contents within the home are usually manipulated and adjusted around in order for the mitigation process to be handled as efficiently as possible. Here we see our technicians, who went the extra mile and set containment for a child's bedroom, in order to preserve all items from any debris or dirt. 

technician in white suit, disinfecting residential staircase

Residential Certified SERVPRO Clean

SERVPRO of Lancaster performing residential disinfection and sanitation cleaning. Our technicians are always ready to safeguard the most important places and help keep families safe. 

SERVPRO of Lancaster

SERVPRO truck with snowy mountains behind

As The Storm Blows Over...

Storm Season is reaching its end, but SERVPRO of Lancaster East is here all year round. Available to you for 24/7 Emergency Services. 

Give us a call today! (661) 644 - 9505

SERVPRO truck in the rain

Priority Responder For Any Storm Event

Storm brewing, but we head into the storm. No matter what the situation is, SERVPRO of Lancaster East will be your first response for Storm Damage and Preparedness. Available anytime, 24/7.

open ceiling from attic leak

Attic Leak Cause Ceiling Damage

During a sudden rain-storm that occurred in the Antelope Valley, SERVPRO of Lancaster East received a call of a caved-in ceiling, caused by the heavy water flow of a large leak. 

two SERVPRO vehicles lined up

Front Line of Defense: SERVPRO of Lancaster East

SERVPRO of Lancaster east is your first line of defense against any Storm. We can help you be prepared and ready against a sudden storm. Visit our website for tips and stay connected!

burned contents of home fire

Burned contents of Home Fire

One of the most damaging losses from a fire can be the contents that were in the area at the time of the fire. Multiple items, family heirlooms, and important documents can be destroyed. Keep your item list updated and stay cautious of fire hazards in your home. 

SERVPRO truck side by side with garage fire

Condominium Garage Fire

This event was called in for an emergency board-up service, performed by SERVPRO of Lancaster East. Upon arrival, our crew assessed the situation before the clean-up and restoration process begins. 

SERVPRO truck with wildfire behind

Faster to Any Size Disaster

During unprecedented times of storm or disasters, SERVPRO of Lancaster East is ready to go. Back during the Bobcat Wildfire, our crew was called back to back and each time, ready for any size, any day, 24/7. "Like it never even happened."

home garage with fire damage

Residential Fire Damage in Lancaster

Fire damages, being one of the most damaging occurrences to occur on both business and homeowners alike, can leave severe consequences if not maintained properly. This image shows the garage, being prepared for clean-up.

restaurant kitchen cleaned

Helping Restaurants Stay Safe

A local community restaurant reached out to SERVPRO of Lancaster East for assistance in inspecting a possible mold growth. Our crew arrived and declared no signs of mold were present, allowing this restaurant to continue serving it's customers safely. 

transit commercial center

Commercial Transit Center

SERVPRO of Lancaster East is proud to serve all commercial businesses in the Antelope Valley. Becoming a reliable partner of handling any size job that comes out way, with dedication in making it "Like it never even happened."

man on ladder cleaning commercial window

Commercial Window Cleaning

SERVPRO of Lancaster East takes cleaning to a whole new standard. Our crew is capable of reaching even the highest of windows, aiming to get the job done right. "Like it never even happened."

technician in white suit, climbing our of crawlspace

Process of Sewage Clean-up

Our technicians are willing to tackle any job that comes their way. From late emergency calls, to this sewage clean-up of a residential home. Any size, any day, 24/7. "Like it never even happened."

water all across tile floor

Emergency Water Loss Service

Emergency calls can always be unpredictable. Our crew responded to an early morning water loss incident, and upon arrival was a massive water loss that spread from a bedroom bathroom, all throughout the living room. 

man carrying green equipment down office hallway

Commercial Water Damage

Owner Kyle Carlson helping technicians move equipment throughout this commercial office facility. After a water loss occurred, SERVPRO of Lancaster East is all hands on deck. Any size disaster, any day, 24/7. "Like it never even happened."

carpet cleaning equipment brushin against carpet

Carpet Water Extraction & Cleaning

Our advanced technology in the act, cleaning a residential carpet after water loss occurred.  During this restoration process, our technician extracted all excess water and will next place drying equipment to finish the job. 

Male putting on orange gloves standing over green equipment

Office Water Damage

In this photo, we have our Crew Chief Travion preparing SERVPRO Equipment, in order to begin the drying process post water flooding and clean-up. We are here to service any size area. 

Shelves stacked with green SERVPRO equipment

SERVPRO Equipment Storage

SERVPRO of Lancaster East is fully stocked and ready to go with highly efficient and state of the art equipment, capable of handling any size disaster, any time, and anywhere. 

Crew member in servicing truck offering business card

Crew Technicians Ready To Help

Here at SERVPRO of Lancaster East, we are always striving to be your next, best, and last Clean up and Restoration Company. Whenever you need us, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Man pointing at regional map

Interim Crew Chief Kyle Carlson Reviewing Regional Map

Owner and Interim Crew Chief Kyle Carlson, is reviewing the regional map within the office. This is important to understand the areas being serviced and covered by SERVPRO of Lancaster East. 

Two men reviewing content on latop.

Owners: Kyle Carlson (left) & David Garibay Assessing upcoming job.

Kyle and David are working on the logistics of a new job. Assessing the preliminary inspection completed by the Crew Chief and Technician. Reviewing what needs to be completed before the team goes out.