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Commercial Facility - Water Damage

1/7/2021 (Permalink)

water flooding throughout commercial facility floor Commercial Water Loss Clean-up

This local facility experienced a massive water loss throughout the working floor, causing all operations to become temporarily disabled. All technicians were called to the scene, followed by immediate water extraction. The water loss so large, mixing with the natural state of the floors, leaving a large water stain once extracted. 

During commercial operations, SERVPRO of Lancaster East strives to remediate any situation as soon as possible, efficiently and effectively. To do this, all crews available to be at a commercial facility, are determined to correct the problem and strive to begin commercial operations again. 

Water loss damage is one of the most concerning damages your commercial facility can have happen to. But with SERVPRO of Lancaster East, our first goal is to contain the situation and start saving what we can first. 

If your commericial facility has experienced a water loss event, call us today!

SERVPRO of Lancaster East CA

Mold Buildup Due to Improper Clean-up

1/4/2021 (Permalink)

mold building up on white walls Mold Along Lower Walls and Baseboards

Mold buildup post-water loss is one of the most common occurrences if water damage clean-up and repair is done improperly. Mold only needs 24-48 hours to begin growing when exposed to a concentrated area of moisture.

This photo is an example of a water-loss job handled poorly by a previous company, and the homeowner began to have mold building up along the walls and baseboards. SERVPRO of Lancaster East CA technicians arrived on scene and began to remove all affected areas, and utilized advanced drying equipment in order to remove any possible moisture before eliminating the source. After a source is removed, our team begins the remediation process to ensure the error was corrected, "Like it never even happened."

If you have mold buildup from a post-water loss job, call us today for an inspection!

SERVPRO of Lancaster East CA

Attic Water Pipe Leak

1/4/2021 (Permalink)

removed drywall and ceiling Post-Mitigation of Residential Water Loss

In this residential home, a water pipe in the attic had a severe leak and gradually released water into the surrounding area, damaging the entire top half of the ceiling, including the adjacent walls.

Our team was called and assessed the damage, beginning the restoration process. After initial drying was completed, the impacted walls and ceilings were removed the same day.

After this process was completed, our team continued the drying process and the remaining areas for successful reconstruction. This process is essential in water loss events, in order to ensure all moisture and moisture affected section is removed or dried, decreasing the likelihood of mold growth. With our services, we not only remediate and correct your water loss, but our practices are also always aiming to help you prevent another loss. 

If your home has experienced a water loss, call us today!

SERVPRO of Lancaster East CA

Large Water Loss in Residential Home

12/9/2020 (Permalink)

White walls removed from water damage The restoration process of water damaged home

In this event, there was a massive water loss within the home that spread throughout all major hallways.

Here our team arrived quickly and got right to work. We removed the excess water and helped dry out any remaining moisture from the area damaged before beginning the restoration process. This is a critical component to ensure no remaining moisture is left that may create potential mold growth or exposure to a beneficial environment.

During this process, our team removed the damaged flooring and began to section out the areas of the wall that required removal. Once the reconstruction and reflooring are completed, the restoration process is ready to be completed.

In the case of any minor or major water loss in your home, call SERVPRO of Lancaster East any day, 24/7. 661-644-9505