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Water Damage Inspection and Uncovered Mold Growth

This homeowner called SERVPRO of Lancaster East for an inspection regarding water damage that occurred within their home. Our crew arrived on the scene and bega... READ MORE

Emergency Fire Damage Scene

Fires are one of the leading events that can cause the most devastating cases of structural damage. This condominium garage, experienced a massive fire which re... READ MORE

Digging A Little Deeper

During any job within any home or commercial business that experienced a water loss, SERVPRO of Lancaster East is determined to find the source of the loss. Thi... READ MORE

Like It Was Our Own

Upon the arrival of any incident, and a pack-out is required from items within an affected area, SERVPRO of Lancaster East values your belonging and cares for t... READ MORE

Emergency Commercial HVAC Cleaning

Routine HVAC cleaning applies to both residential and commercial systems. Maintaining these systems require regular maintenance throughout the year and especial... READ MORE

Local Business, Adding A Second Message

This commercial business, like many others during these times, strive to operate their business as safe as possible for all clients and customers. SERVPRO of La... READ MORE

Garage Fire Damages Interior Water Pipe

In this event, SERVPRO of Lancaster East received an emergency call from a very recent fire event affecting a local home. The homeowner experienced a garage fir... READ MORE

High Winds Cause Dirt Buildup in HVAC Duct

In this event, during the most recent high wind event of the High Desert, winds backed up so many HVAC systems SERVPRO of Lancaster East was called to multiple ... READ MORE

Flash Flood Damages Flooring Ventilation

In this event, this commercial business had multiple flooring ventilation systems, with access points throughout the facility. This most impacted area was the c... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire Damage Restoration

In this event, a property owner called SERVPRO of Lancaster East after a tenant within the apartment complex had a fire break out in their kitchen. In the first... READ MORE