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Rainstorm Ceiling Damage

1/7/2021 (Permalink)

eroded ceiling from rain damage Eroded False Ceiling Panel

In this residential home, an unnoticed roof leaked caused damage overtime to this false ceiling of an attic. Homeowners were unaware of the roof leak near the far end of the house, which has been seeping into the false ceiling panel over time.

With each rainfall or moisture that was seeping through the roof leak, gradually eroded both the roof and panel causing a larger opening and mold buildup. As a heavy rainstorm fell upon the local community, the final push caused a hole in both the roof and ceiling, resulting in minor water damage throughout the attic flooring. 

Upon the arrival of SERVPRO of Lancaster East, they discovered other areas affected by the continuous leak, such as mold growths and high moisture areas. The restoration process went underway and remediated, "Like it never even happened."

A helpful reminder to both commercial and residential owners to regularly check for any leaks within roofing to be handled and corrected right away. 

If you have a leak in your commercial facility or residential home, call us today!

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Storm Damage - We Are Here For You

1/7/2021 (Permalink)

home destroyed by storm with yellow sign reading storm damage Storm Damage

When a storm event occurs and causes a spectrum of minor to catastrophic damages, SERVPRO of Lancaster East is here to help our clients be prepared for what comes after. Although storm damages can vary depending on regions, we want our clients to know that we have them covered. A new series on storms and natural disasters, providing essential tips and suggestions that will help you and your family protect yourselves and your home.

Visit us here online for updates and our social media platforms for more information.

SERVPRO of Lancaster East is your local and highly trusted restoration company in the Antelope Valley. Operating and ready for any size disaster, any day, 24/7 "Like it never even happened."

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Rainy Day Hazard: Downed Power Lines

1/4/2021 (Permalink)

downed power line on road Downed Power Line on Residential Road

As winter begins to climb towards its peak, weather patterns are shifting as well. One of the most common weather patterns is high wind rainstorms which are a common occurrence in the Antelope Valley. These high wind rainstorms can cause hazards throughout commercial and residential areas.

One of the most dangerous hazards is a downed power line or pole. This can cause fatal injuries if in close contact, and exemplified through the wet surrounding area. Here are a few tips to have in mind:

Stay Away: Do not approach or touch the wire or any person or object in contact with the wire. Serious injuries can others to you and others around you. 

Call 911: Report an electrical emergency and inform about the downed power line.

Avoid Surrounding Water: If there is water puddled around or near the downed power line, stay as far away. Water conducts electricity and can cause serious injury to you and those around you. 

Report one if you see it, and if others are already on the scene, help should be on its way. Stay safe and stay dry!

SERVPRO of Lancaster East CA

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Air Quality Update and How SERVPRO of Lancaster East Can Help

9/16/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Lancaster East Logo over wildfire image. Wildfire smoke covering entire sky

Due to the current states of ongoing events from the West Coast Wildfires, air quality within several states, including California, has worsened and created safety hazards from poor air quality. Smoke for these major fires has affected air quality for many major metropolitan areas and cities near active these active and rampant wildfires. The Antelope Valley is one of these areas affected.
Antelope Valley area has been greatly impacted by the recent Lake Fire as well as the current Bobcat and El Dorado Wildfires that have been within a 50-mile radius of the AV. Air quality is at a current poor/unhealthy range of 115-120.

According to the United States Environment Protection Agency, smoke from fires has been proven to affect overall health and worsen underlying respiratory conditions. If smoke from distant fires can aggravate these conditions, smoke from your home or business can be far more lethal.

Here's how SERVPRO of Lancaster East, CA can help. If a disastrous fire big or small erupts in your home or business, the smoke itself is a collection of airborne particles that are harmful when inhaled and can have lingering detrimental effects even when a fire is no longer active or present.
SERVPRO of Lancaster East, CA is trained in Post-Fire Damage Cleanup & Restoration to remove all toxic particles in the air and help to prevent negative health effects that these incidents can create. Our team is also trained in Emergency Preparedness to help mediate home and business owners to practice safety tips to prevent fires from happening. Another great reason for how SERVPRO of Lancaster East, CA can help.

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